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The Most Trusted Moving Company in Lincoln, NE

It’s been said that moving homes is on the list of top stressors in life, but it doesn't have to be. Nebraskaland Moving has been helping families move across Nebraska and the entire nation for over 35 years. While moving across the country isn't something you do every day, it is what our professional moving company excels at.

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Top-Rate Service

Our family-led moving company has the experience, resources, and equipment to make your packing, moving, and shipping processes the easiest part of moving into a new home. Whether you're moving within Nebraska or relocating across the country, we will move your belongings safely and quickly to any of the 48 states.

Unmatched Experience

When you need furniture, paintings, appliances, and your other belongings moved to another state or across the globe, trust the nearly 40 years of moving and shipping expertise at Nebraskaland Moving. Our movers will pick up your shipping ordering at one door and deliver it directly to the door of your chosen destination. No need to worry about picking up your belongings at warehouses or dockyards, we take care of the full shipping journey in Lincoln, NE, and beyond.

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Efficient Shipping & Deliveries

We guarantee a four-day window for all of your moving needs. You can contact our moving company 24 hours a day during the moving and shipping process. You can ensure that everything is going as planned. We're even fully insured through Baker International, so you never have to worry about the expense, in case of the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Why Choose Us

  • 40 Years of Moving Experience
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Insured Through Baker International
  • BBB Award Winner

Work With Us Today!

Whether you need to make a quick and immediate move or you simply want to get the process over as quickly as possible, we're the moving company you can count on in Lincoln, NE. Get in touch with the team at Nebraskaland Moving and speak with us to learn more about our speedy moving services for long-distance relocations!

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